5 reasons why you should invest in Marketing Automation tool in 2019

Marketing automation does not work without online marketing, and online marketing is not effective without marketing automation. You need to continue to invest in both to ensure your success.

I would like to suggest to set the following goals, realistic expectations around them, and judge the actual time it will take to implement an automated marketing solution.

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Generate more leads:
If you start looking at marketing automation to generate more leads, stay focused on the ease of creating lead-nurturing campaigns and reporting on those campaigns.

Reason Nr. 2.

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Do more with the same size marketing team:
If your team is small, stay focused on the support, ease of use, flexibility of the platform, and training.

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Consolidate multiple marketing tools:

If you are looking to streamline your marketing department, stay focused on integrations with your marketing channels and on ease of use.

Reason Nr. 4.

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Better align sales and marketing:
If you are looking to better align sales and marketing, stay focused on CRM integration and sales enablement.

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Prove the value of marketing efforts:
If you need more data to report on the impact of your marketing programs, focus on reporting and data Collection.

Marketing automation can offer a wide range of benefits. To start with you should focus on a few short-term goals and a few key features of marketing automation for the best results initially. The rest of your goals can wait until you master your tools and the details of marketing automation. Knowing which benefits of marketing automation are key to your marketing goals is the first major step in getting a marketing automation solution. 

Getting into marketing automation is a process, and each step builds upon the ones before it. So, start small and go slowly. That way, your goals can grow with your tool. Don't forget, your world isn't going to stop to let you buy a tool. You will continue to evaluate solutions and take care of your other daily responsibilities as well. So, easing into it will help you keep all your hair.


Kristina Alexandra,
Managing Director at ParetoPi.com

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