Pardot Database Cleaning Q&A

How do database limits in Pardot work?

Your Pardot account comes with a database limit of a specified number of mailable prospects. All Pardot accounts start with a limit of 10k mailable prospects, but you can add on additional blocks of 10k mailable prospects.

How can I keep track of my limits?

1. Cog wheel > Settings > Usage & Limits > Mailable Database
2. Prospects > Prospect List > Mailable Prospects dropdown > Totals at bottom right

I’m over my database limit – what do I do?

Determine how much you are over your allocated limit. Then, either purchase more database blocks or reduce your database. You can request more database contacts by contacting your Account Executive.

Should I mark prospects as Do Not Email, or delete them?

That distinction is up to you! Neither prospects marked as Do Not Email nor prospects in your Recycle Bin count towards your database limits.

Mark them as Do Not Email if you know you do not intend to email those prospects anymore, but want to keep tracking their actions.

Delete them if you consider them invalid, don’t need them cluttering up your marketing database, or would want to continue emailing them if they become active at a later date.

I’m ready to reduce my database – what next?

There are several tactics you can take to reduce your database in the short-term:

• Build a dynamic list of prospects matching certain criteria and use a table action to delete them from the list.

o Note: Deleting a list does not delete prospects from the list

• Run an automation rule to look for prospects matching certain criteria and check off their Do Not Email field

• Check your Salesforce connector settings – if the setting “Automatically create prospects in Pardot if they are created as a Lead or Contact in Salesforce” is enabled, disable it

How do I delete prospects?

The easiest way is with a table action. Once you create a list of prospects you want to delete, navigate to that list and to the table of prospects. From there, select the checkbox at the top-left of the table and select “Delete” from the dropdown at the bottom-left.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 17.46.09.png

I’m back under my limit – how do I stay there long term?

Your Pardot database will ebb and flow with time. In order to be proactive, it’s a great idea to consider a few long-term strategies:

• Maintain a dynamic list of inactive prospects and feed it into a re-engagement program via Engagement Studio

• Perform a permission pass with your older prospects to re-confirm they want to receive your emails

• Evaluate your lead generation metrics to plan for the future of your database. For example, if you usually add 10k new prospects every 6 months, you can plan to proactively purchase more blocks or start cleaning.