Professional Edition (PE) vs Enterprise Edition (EE) Considerations

Its not an easy decision, and nor should it be. The difference between Professional and Enterprise editions of Salesforce is a major jump in functionality, and price.

There are some situations where there will be no other option other than Enterprise or greater. Though many organizations will be able to function well on Professional edition alone.

If you would like to test the water, or you are unsure which will be right for you, this series will highlight the major components that should be considered before you sign up. We’re not going to go through all the differences here, as there are too many, but we will cover all of the critical features to be sure you know what you’re getting.

Please see below list of Professional Edition (PE) vs Enterprise Edition (EE) Considerations

1. Automation

  • PE - Limited to 5 Process Builder Processes

  • EE - Advanced workflow automation

  • No APEX development on PE

2. API

  • No Access on PE

  • Web- API as an add-on possible but this is only for API, most API based integrations require some automation in form of workflows or APEX code to function.

  • Partial Sandbox

  • No access to a partial Sandbox on PE for testing

  • EE includes 1 Partial Sandbox

3. Profiles

  • Maximum 2 Custom Profiles on PE

  • Maximum 1.500 Custom Profiles on EE

4. Permission Sets

  • Maximum 10 on PE

  • Maximum 10.000 on EE

5. Record Type

  • Maximum 3 per object on PE

The Limits around Profiles, Permission Sets and Record Types are to be considered especially when there are employees with different roles in the company that might also be selling different products and have slightly different requirements towards the system. With less profiles and record types, the easy of use and simplicity of the org might decrease.

Web Services API only works in a single direction sync
Web Services API can only initiate an action from a third party system to trigger/change something in SF

If you need to initiate something in SF to happen in a third party system, you need to write APEX code for this, and you can only write APEX code with EE

6. Add On that are not available on PE:

Analytics Cloud (Sales, Service and Platform)
Community Cloud (Customer, Customer Plus and Partner)
Live Agent
Live Message
Sales Cloud Einstein
Employee Apps (Starter and Plus) Licenses
Field Service Lightning
Partial or Full Sandbox

Kristina Alexandra