What to do when Pardot won't let you overwrite with a blank value?

Pardot won't let you overwrite with a blank value. Normally, yes, Pardot and Salesforce push data back and forth. Clearing a field in one place just means the other system is going to push the data back in.

That's due to normal sync behaviour - “Some data is better than no data" or any value in Salesforce/Pardot always wins out over no value.

But if you're doing a data clean up, and you're going to be clearing field values in Salesforce, then you can ask Pardot Support to turn on a feature for you.

It's called something like 'Allow Pardot to respect Null values from Salesforce.'

With that feature turned ON, it means you can leave Pardot and Salesforce connected, and do your data clean up in Salesforce.

When you clear a field value in Salesforce, that NULL value will push down to Pardot, and also clear the synced Pardot field. This would be the optimal way of doing it taking in account you are happy to involve Pardot support to assist you.

Alternatively, if you're uploading to Salesforce, you also need to clear the field on the Pardot side and you can achieve that following these steps:

Step 1. Temporarily disable Pardot/SF connector.

Step 2. Upload in Salesforce & overwrite

Step 3. Make a list in Pardot of people who you want to clear the values on - and then run an automation rule to clear the value.

For the automation rule you will need to find the best Options and as an Action use Clear Field Value" - which includes both custom fields and default fields. Please see the image below.


Step 4. Re-enable the Pardot/SF connector.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any further questions, please leave comment below.